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A beautiful floral arrangement of 12 roses accompanying 6 chocolate covered strawberries 


Choose from 3 different rose color combinations: All red roses, red & white, or red & pink

Choose your choice of chocolate: Traditional (dipped in white and milk chocolate and drizzled with dark), all dark chocolate, all milk chocolate, or all white chocolate. 



When choosing your pick-up date you want to pick the day you will be enjoying the strawberries. That is when they are their yummiest! If you don't happen to finish them all make sure you put them in the refrigerator ❤


Floral and Chocolate Covered Strawberries Arrangement

  • The cut off time to pick up on Feb. 14th is 5pm!

    Please do not schedule for pick up after 5pm that day. We will call you to reschedule the pick up.