Channel the divine energy of this fierce lioness warrior goddess. 


Crystal description

As a ruler, you have access to all the power in the world, including all the wisdom and knowledge of both the divine feminine and masculine. The embedded amethyst crystals inside act as a portal entrance to activating your intuition and spiritual awareness. It is the source of power that will allow you to lead others with strength and nurturing motives. It will open your third eye and assist in remembering and understanding the dreams and messages your receive from the higher realms. Felines are warriors and this kitty is not to be messed with, you must be ready to see into the future and be prepared to share your visions with the world.

Made in United States of America

Psychic Protector Bath Bomb

  • Crystal Bar Soap

    Welcome to Crystal Bar Soap. We handcraft spiritual bath and body products by embedding a unique healing crystal inside every product. Blending wellness and spirituality are the fuel that drive the passion for our craft. "Made with Intention" is our personal motto behind every product we make. Every product is handmade, vegan and cruelty-free, and sourced with ingredients free from parabens. We believe in elevating the energy of the crystals embedded inside each soap, bath bomb, bath salt and body butter. We believe in small moments of self-care! Finding time to take a yoga class or meditate every day can be difficult, but taking a few moments while showering to set your intentions, cleanse away bad vibes and reawaken your spirit is possible for everyone!

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